Move the way you want to with a Virgin Active membership


In a world where we find ourselves challenging old ways and adjusting to new norms, few things remain as constant as the need to stay active. In fact, we would go far as to say that an active, healthy lifestyle is the foundation to thriving in these times of flux. With over 130 clubs across South Africa, the largest array of exercise experiences and fitness equipment under one roof as well as a full online fitness offering, Virgin Active is a place where you can put your health and fitness goals first

Aside from our great May offer that could see you getting up to 2 months on us just for coming in to train, we love rewarding our members for getting and staying active which you can find out more about below.

Contact us now to chat about our membership options and how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals in 2021 and beyond. 


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Get active & get rewarded with Quest 


Exclusive to Virgin Active members, Quest is an exciting new points-based challenge that rewards them for being active. The more active they are, the more chances they have of winning a R1 million first prize and a share of a further R4 million in monthly prizes.

Choose your health and fitness goal and we'll set weekly challenges and tasks to help you achieve it. From doing an online workout or a class in-club to hitting the cardio section or the pool, we'll mix up the challenges each week to keep things fresh and expose you to all the great classes and equipment at Virgin Active. 

Start you Quest


We've put together a mix of fun challenges to help you reach your exercise goal and win big whilst doing it.

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Get a free 30 day training programme 


We understand that not everyone knows where to start and that the intimidation of walking into a club without a plan is real. We want to help you reach your goals which is why we give all new members a free, easy to follow 30 day training plan to help you meet your goals. As part of the programme, you'll receive: 


  • A consultation with a Personal Trainer or Fitness Professional.
  • A nutritional guide, packed full of tips to get you eating right to meet your goal. 
  • A training programme as well as a full video demonstration of the workout to help you perfect your technique. 
  • We will send you an email every week with everything you need to do and know.