The quest for immunity isn't seasonal, it's intentional – says Kim Hofmann, Registered Dietician and Virgin Active’s expert on all things nutrition-related.
One of the most common myths when it comes to healthy, balanced nutrition is about how much water we should drink each day. Kim Hofmann, a Registered Dietitian and Virgin Active’s expert advisor on ...
Amidst the global pandemic, we realised that South Africans need to relearn what and how to eat well for optimum health and longevity, at a time when our wellbeing is of utmost importance.
World Obesity Day on 4 March aims to shine a spotlight on creating a healthier future. Mindful eating is an excellent example of a healthy habit when it comes to eating. 
Listen to Kim Hofmann, Virgin Active Expert on all things nutrition, chatting to Barret Edelstein on the Optimal Optimism podcast. 
It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’re looking at how adequate nourishment can help the body heal. Kim Hofmann, Registered Dietitian and Virgin Active’s expert on nutrition, delves into how ...
Registered Dietician, Kim Hofmann is Virgin Active South Africa’s expert on all things nutrition and she's here to share some tips on how to eat to keep your mind and body strong.