What other measures do you have in place to keep kids safe?

  • All children entering and leaving Club-V will be asked to clean/sanitize their hands 
  • No bags will be allowed in our kids’ facilities 
  • Children will visit the toilet areas one child at a time 
  • Hand washing, will as per usual, be required after each toilet visit and will now be recorded 
  • If a child’s nose needs wiping, folded toilet paper will be used, disposed of afterwards and hands washed 
  • No food products will be allowed in the facilities (as per normal rules) 
  • No sharing of juice/water – a child’s bottle must be clearly labelled with his/her name by their parents 
  • Crew will reinforce coughing and sneezing into the elbow where possible 
  • No hugging, hand shaking, high-fives or direct contact will take place where possible