What are the rules around under 14s accessing the clubs to swim?

​​Active supervision is required throughout their visit: This means that you, or a caregiver designated by you, needs to accompany a child under the age of 14. You won’t be able to drop them off for their swim and go and train as you need to be with them at all times. Click here to find out more about active supervision.

Lane limits: As with our adult swimmers, there is a 3 person per lane limit for individual swimming and a 5 person per lane limit for squad training (as long as all members of the squad stick to the 1.5 social distancing protocol).

Changerooms: The changerooms and in clubs where they are available, family changerooms, will be open for the swimmers, but please take care to adhere to all safety protocols and social distancing recommendations in place.

Other areas: Under 14s will not be allowed to dwell in other common areas (like internet stations, Kauai seating areas etc.) for the time being.

Masks and screening: Your children will follow the same protocols as all other members. Screening will need to be verified by the guardian and kids will need to wear masks throughout the club (except while they are in the water). Children between the ages of 2 and 5 are encouraged to wear cloth masks and children older than 6 will be required to wear them, as stipulated by the latest regulations.