Terms and Conditions: Kauai Yoga Voucher Offer

Take part in a Yoga class at Virgin Active from 4 to 17 October 2021 and you can receive a discount voucher from Kauai to spend at in-Club Kauai outlet:

  • Members and guests (hereinafter referred to as “members”) taking part in a Virgin Active yoga class from 4 to 17 October 2021 (both dates inclusive), at select Clubs, will receive a Kauai 20% off any small (350ml) Smoothie or Raw Juice promotional voucher to be redeemed the Virgin Active Kauai outlet at the Club where the voucher was issued.
  • Vouchers are limited and therefore this offer is only available while voucher stocks last, and only one voucher per member attending the yoga class will be issued.
  • Vouchers expire on the 31st of October 2021, this promotional voucher has no value post the validity date.  
  • This voucher is valid at participating Kauai Virgin Active gym stores and cannot be redeemed at non-Virgin Active Kauai gym stores. 
  • This promotional voucher qualifies a member for a discount on one small (350ml) Smoothie (Protein Smoothies and Superfood Smoothies included) or one Raw Juice per transaction.
  • Any additions or substitutions to participating menu items to be charged for additionally at normal menu prices.
  • Members cannot receive the 20% discount on large (500ml) Smoothies or Raw Juices.
  • No other drink menu items are included in this promotional voucher offer at a Kauai outlet inside a Virgin Active club.
  • Members can only receive the 20% discount promotional offer upon the display of the printed voucher inside participating Kauai Virgin Active gym stores.
  • Members must hand in the promotional voucher to a Kauai cashier inside the Virgin Active Club where the promotional voucher was issued in order to redeem the offer.
  • Once this promotional offer has been redeemed, the promotional voucher will not be available to redeem again.
  • This promotional voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • This promotional voucher cannot be redeemed with the Kauai App and/or any other delivery partner service such as Uber Eats and/or MR D Food.
  • Members cannot redeem the promotional voucher in conjunction with any other instore promotional offer and/or partnership offer inside participating Kauai stores.

Notes around this promotional campaign offer:

    • This offer is only available at the following Virgin Active Clubs (refer list of qualifying Clubs).
    • This offer excludes members doing yoga classes in Virgin Active clubs in Namibia and Botswana.
    • All Junior Memberships (e.g. Under 18 and Club V / Club V Max membership products) will not qualify for this campaign.
    • This offer is not applicable to Virgin Active staff, Kauai staff or other Virgin Active tenants.
    • This promotional offer cannot be exchanged for cash or combined with any other offer or rebate at Kauai.
    • Facilities and group classes may differ from Club to Club.
    • Rights of admission are reserved.