Statement: 21 May 2021

Following our last communication to you, we are now two weeks into our investigation into the cyber-attack on Virgin Active. While we continue to investigate the incident and secure our systems, we can confirm that at this time there is no evidence of data leakage or any exfiltration of personal information. 

We are also happy to confirm that several of our core operating systems are back or are in the process of coming back online. One of these is club access systems and your Vitality / Momentum Multiply points will now be automatically logged when you visit. We are hard at work to bring all of our systems back and have taken the opportunity to operationalise new systems and platforms to allow us to come back from this cyber event stronger than ever.

We will continue to update you and would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding and would like to take this opportunity to remind you to continue to exercise caution. If you receive any WhatsApp, SMS, email or phone calls that claim to be from Virgin Active, but which appear unusual or ask for any payment, please do not click on any links and phone our team on 011 745 4042 or email us directly on

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