How are you managing your environment e.g. what equipment are you not using?

The following items will be removed and stored: 

  • All large bean bags 
  • All ball pond balls 
  • All Active Play bean bags, baseball bats, soft soccer balls, soft baseball balls (material-based equipment) 
  • All games and puzzles 
  • Arts and crafts, and books 
  • Soft/plush toys and dolls 
  • All toy building blocks 
  • All toys –  except for 2 boxes of toys which must be rotated for use and for cleaning 
  • All gaming stations will be closed temporarily  
  • All computer stations to be removed and stored temporarily 
  • Selected equipment e.g. playhouse, play kitchen etc. will be removed and stored temporarily 
  • Drinking fountains will be switched off temporarily 
  • Modular climbing frames/Big A will be closed temporarily