Do I have to wear a mask?

We follow Government regulations around mask usage. Masks are a must when you’re in the club. You may only remove your mask when doing high intensity exercise (as long as you are 2m away from anyone else), but it needs to be replaced as soon as you are finished with the piece of equipment you are using. Please ensure that your mask covers both your nose and mouth. Your safety and the safety of your fellow members is invaluable to us, we know that wearing a mask is not ideal, but we all need to work together on this. Our teams will still be masked up and we encourage members to use masks responsibly and with consideration for other members. (Specific to South Africa members)

For our under 14 swimmers: When they’re not in the water, children between the ages of 2 and 5 are encouraged to wear cloth masks and children older than 6 will be required to wear them, as stipulated by the latest regulations.