Are all of your facilities available?

​To manage the current Government capacity limit in place, some of our facilities not directly related to physical exercise will, unfortunately, remain closed for now. This includes internet stations. Other areas that have been mandated to remain closed like sauna and steam rooms will remain closed until we receive the go-ahead from Government. 

Shower and change rooms are accessible. We have made some changes to facilitate easier social distancing (like decommissioning some lockers) and eliminate high touch contact points like hairdryers and flat irons (feel free to bring your own and plug it in if you need to). Follow our GRID guidance to maintain appropriate social distancing and allow yourself and your fellow members space while using the changeroom facilities. If you can, arrive dressed and ready to train if you can as this will reduce potential contact in the locker rooms. The changerooms will continue to be a focal area for our intensive cleaning efforts.​