10 Day Yoga Challenge

Enter the 10-day Virgin Active Yoga Challenge and stand in line to win a limited edition Virgin Active yoga mat:

  • The Virgin Active Yoga challenge takes place between 11 October and 15 November 2021 (both dates included) and members are required to do 10 classes in this time (can be a mix of in-club and online classes).
  • Virgin Active members taking part in the 10-day Yoga Challenge are required to visit the yoga challenge landing page https://hello.virginactive.co.za/10-day-yoga-challenge, complete the form to receive the email with the challenge download.
  • By downloading the challenge, members automatically go into the lucky draw and stand to win 1 of 50 Virgin Active Yoga mats.
  • This challenge is open to all members over the age of 18 years and includes our members in Namibia and Botswana.
  • Participants need to have an active authorised membership that is in good standing, not in arrears or frozen.
  • This challenge is not applicable to members joining via a short term, complimentary, Virgin Active staff or tenant membership.
  • All Junior Memberships (e.g. Under 18 and Club V / Club V Max membership products) will not qualify to win this lucky draw hamper.
  • Members who have had a prior membership at Virgin Active will need to have a clean membership history that was/is in good standing (i.e. no previous or current arrears and/or poor disciplinary record), in order to win the lucky draw hamper.
  • If the member has cancelled their Virgin Active membership (for example, but not necessarily limited to, cancellation within the legally permitted cooling-off periods) then they will not be eligible to win the lucky draw hamper.
  • This promotional offer cannot be exchanged for cash or some other rebate.
  • Facilities and group classes may differ from Club to Club.